About the Publisher

Joint Stock Company "The Ukrainian Research Institute of Refractories named after A.S. Berezhnoy" is an only specialized institute in the Eastern Europe and post-Soviet countries for the production technology and refractories service, develops and manufactures unique competitive in the world market, both in quality and in price, refractory products, which are not produced by industrial enterprises, in particular:

  • refractories for blast furnaces and auxiliary devices (air heaters, iron ladles, mixers, etc.)
  • refractories for coke ovens;
  • refractories for open-hearth furnaces, electric furnaces, oxygen converters;
  • refractories for rolling and foundry production (units of thermal and thermo-mechanical metal processing, crucibles);
  • refractories for steel casting and vacuuming units, steel and tundish ladles of CCM plants;
  • lightweight, fibrous, silicon carbide, silica, alumina silicate, alumina, zirconia refractories for power, glass, ceramic, chemical, machine-building and other industries;
  • refractory unformed materials, concretes, cements, mixes;
  • standardization, certification of refractory production;
  • metrological support of refractory enterprises.

The pilot batches of refractories produced by the Institute are refractory products of various weights, sizes and configurations, powders, masses, mixes, mortars. In general, the Institute has technologies and produces more than 100 refractories types of various functional purposes, sizes and properties. Some of these refractories are ordered constantly, but most of them are individual orders, because they are unique refractories that are not produced by refractory enterprises of Ukraine. Such orders require the development of new or improvement of existing technologies, development and manufacture of special forms, etc.

In the Institute structure there is a scientific part and pilot production. This allows the Institute to produce unique, science-intensive competitive refractories for almost all industries, which are at the level of the best world analogues, based on its own developments at its pilot production, which, in turn, allows it to work in conditions of full self-sufficiency and self-financing.

The scientific part includes: a technological laboratory engaged in the development and improvement of refractory technologies, three auxiliary laboratories engaged in the standardization of refractories, metrological support of refractory enterprises and research of refractory properties, departments of the management apparatus and general institute personnel. The pilot production includes: technological shop, which is engaged in the manufacture of refractories batches of various types, repair and mechanical shop, which is engaged in the repair and maintenance of fixed assets of the Company, as well as the manufacture of molds for the manufacture of refractories, and transport site.

The Institute has a testing center for determining of refractories properties and advanced ceramics that meets the requirements of DSTU ISO 10012: 2005, as well as technical committee TK-7 "Refractories" for development of standards and specifications on refractories. The Institute management system is certified for accordance with standard ISO 9001:2015.

Over the years of its existence, the Institute has employed more than 26 academicians and doctors of sciences, a large number of PhDs. For high scientific achievements and implementation of their results in production, many employees of the Institute in different years were awarded high state awards.

The Institute annually publishes a collection of scientific papers, in addition, publishes many articles in other scientific journals, including foreign ones, holds international scientific conferences, takes an active part in scientific conferences and exhibitions held in Ukraine, in foreign countries (USA, Canada, Germany, China, India and others), including the largest forum of refractory specialists in the world (UNITECR) and in Europe (annual colloquium on refractories in Aachen (Germany)), submits a large number of applications for inventions and receives patents for them.

In 2022, the Institute passed the next state certification of scientific institutions. According to the expert commission conclusion of the MES of Ukraine, it was certified for 3 years and issued a certificate of the MES of Ukraine dated 26.05.2022 № 00492 series DA. Based on the certification, the Institute was once again included in the State Register of Scientific Institutions Supported by the State (certificate dated 26.07.2022 № 03124 series DR).