Dear colleagues! 

JSC “The Ukrainian research institute of refractories named after A.S. Berezhnoy” began preparations for the release of the annual collection “Scientific Research on Refractories and Technical Ceramics. Collection of scientific works, No. 120”, co-founded by the National Technical University “Kharkov Polytechnic Institute”. A collection of documents published by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine (No. 23519-13359PR from 07/02/2018) with a thematic focus is the publication of scientific works in the field of refractories and technical ceramics.

The collection “Scientific Research on Refractories and Technical Ceramics. Collection of scientific works” is indexed in the scientometric databases Index Copernicus and Google Scholar.

We invite you to submit scientific articles according to the subject of the collection - technology and service of refractories and refractory technical ceramics. Please pay attention to the strict compliance of the articles with the topics of the collection. Articles that are not relevant to the collection will be rejected.

The articles should contain the results of scientific research that have not been published before, and have such necessary elements: statement of the problem in general form and its connection with important scientific or practical tasks; analysis of recent studies and publications in which the solution to this problem has been started and on which the author relies, highlighting previously unresolved parts of the general problem to which this article is devoted; formulation of the article goals (task statement); presentation of the main research material with a complete justification of the obtained scientific results; conclusions from this study and the prospects for further research in this direction.

All articles will be reviewed. Responsibility for the disclosure of confidential information in the article lies with the authors of the article.

For consideration by the editorial board of the materials, please forward by July 30, 2020 the article in print (1 copy with a cover letter signed by the head, on the letterhead of one of the organizations where the authors work, and information about the authors of article with the signatures of authors) and in electronic form (on disk or by e-mail at: net or Requirements for the design of article and the Form “Information about the authors of article” in electronic form can be found on the web site of the publication “Scientific Research on Refractories and Technical Ceramics. Collection of scientific works”.

Sincerely Director of JSC “URIRnamed after A.S. Berezhnoy”, Ph.D. V.V. Martynenko

Executor: Scientific Secretary, Ph.D.Khonchyk I.V.

tel.: +380 (57) 707-38-28.